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October 12, 2012
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"What would you like for you birthday, sweety?" Your dad asked you happily, trying to overlook the sadness in your eyes.

You shook your head and looked away. "Nothing.. I don't want anything.."

"Sweetheart.." you dad sighed, looking at you. His eyes were glazed over with tears. "I know what today is, but I also want you to be happy..." he said sympathetically, ruffling your hair.

"I'm fine, Daddy. Really..." you murmured, trying to put on a happy smile and failing.

Your dad looked at you, seeming serious. "C'mon, honey. Anything you want, we'll get it." he said, looking straight into your eyes.

You sighed and thought for a while, then gazed up at your father. "Well..."


"AGH! ROMANO, WHY?!?!" you yelled, flinging your backpack at the cat. "DAMMIT ROMANO, THAT ESSAY IS DUE TOMORROW!!!"

You glared at the horrid creature that only growled and pounced at you as your backpack hit the ground next to him.

"No! Go away! I don't want to deal with you right now!!" You glared, pushing the cat out off your room with your foot and running to your, now soaking wet, essay. "How could you?!" you hissed.

Romano only growled and stuck his head up snobbily, walking out pridefully until you threw a bottle of lotion at him. Thanks to his reflexes, he dodged just in time and ran to the living room, filled with all-of-a-sudden fear.

"It's not pee..." you muttered, looking at the pages. "It's water... Maybe I can!... Oh no he didn't.." you growled, looking at the pages underneath, seeing that they all were scribbled on with bright red paint.

You sighed in distress and crumpled the paper, throwing it at your wall. Turns out, your paper wasn't the only thing that Romano painted on.


Romano lounged around his cage, filled with boredom. No one would ever adopt him, or at least that's what Germany said.

"Why does mi fratello always hang out with him..? They've all left me, and now I have no one..." Romano whimpered, getting Spain's attention.

"You still have me!!!!!!!!" He meowed, cuddling up next to Romano.

Romano growled and hissed, moving away from the Spanish-cat. "Get away from me, Tomato-bastard!!"

Suddenly, the front doors opened, reveling two people, a grown man and a younger-looking girl.

"Go on sweety, pick one." The man said.

'Maybe she'll pick Korea or mi fratello, someone fun to hang around..' Romano thought, looking blankly at the girl who scanned over the cages. 'Or maybe Germany or Russia, someone who will protect her.. Or Japan or Greece, someone quiet and comforting... Or maybe-'

"I want this one." she said, looking into the cage that belonged to both Spain and Romano.

'Or maybe Spain..' he thought, looking downwards, until he felt two big hands pick him out of the cage. "M-me?" he squeaked.

"This one?"


The man handed the Romano to the girl. Her hands were small compared to his, but they were much warmer.

"His name's Romano." the girl muttered, looking at Romano's name tag. "I want him."

"Ok, honey. I'll fill out the papers. Stay here ok?" the man called, heading towards the front of the building.

The girl nodded. "Ok, Daddy."

She sat down with Romano and talked to him, and he listened intently. Apparently, her name was _____. Her mother died on her birthday because of cancer, and her father didn't want her to be sad today, so he brought her down here.

'How... Sad..' Romano thought, looking into her lifeless eyes. Though, they did seem to flicker a little as she spoke to him.

"C'mon, honey! Let's go!" her father called, causing _____ to pick Romano up carefully.

"Goodbye, bastardos!" Romano purred as he was carried outside of these cold walls to freedom.


"I didn't know you could paint..." you said softly, stroking Romano's fur as she looked upon the mural of herself and Romano playing together happily on her wall.

"Nyao.." Romano purred, sitting in your lap.

You felt like crying; it was just so beautiful.

"Your such a horrible cat, Romano.." You said playfully, laying down and placing him on your chest so you could continue to stroke his fur.

"Nyao." he meowed softly, watching as you fell asleep on your floor. Then he got up from your chest, and stepped onto your face, where he got comfortable and joined you in your dreams.
Why do all of my fics end with people falling asleep?!?!?!?!?!?!

I have to find something better to end a story with.. Sorry if it's crap, I just came back from school and I just HAD to celebrate my 2,000 views because I love all of you!

Preview picture by :icontipucheep:~
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And then the reader died because Romano sat on her face and suffocated her..XD JK!!Great story!!:D
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Perfect ending XDDD and thank you~!
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